Volúmenes 28 y 29 de Slam Dunk.

Una reseña de ANN (en inglés porque el manga está en inglés.)

Sakuragi Hanamichi is a no-good, high school punk that is famous to some for his fighting exploits. And because of that, he gets rejected by girls whenever he confesses to them. In comes Haruko Akagi. With his eyes and heart for her, he decides to do anything to win her heart, even playing basketball. Little did he know of the game that he is about to play, plus with the fact that there is a freshman like him who is exceptional, and a fierce and strict captain who is always behind his back. Gradually, he begins to experience the life of a basketball player, and his love for the game. This is a story of hardships, friendships and commitment in order to gain something. It is suitable for basketball lovers as well as those who are looking for inspiration.

Aquí están para descargar todos los capítulos de los volúmenes 28 y 29.

SlamDunkv28Cover SlamDunkv29Cover

Actualización: estoy volviendo a subir todos los volúmenes, comenzando por éste que ya está activo nuevamente. Espero que ahora ya no se vuelvan a borrar, o al menos no lo harán por varios meses.

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Slam Dunk volumen 28

Slam Dunk Volumen 29