Nuevo trailer de Core Crisis, éste se ve realmente cool, aunque las gráficas no sean lo mejor que hemos visto, debido a que el juego es para PSP y no para el 3.
Crisis Core FF7 - Last Trailer

Además la persona que lo subió a YouTube puso un fragmento de los subtítulos en la descripción. Y es la siguiente:
Angeal: Zack! Hold on to your dreams.
Zack: Huh?
Angeal: If You want to be a hero, you need to hold on to your dreams. And your pride.
Lazard: Genesis, SOLDIER 1st class. One month ago he went missing in Wutai
Angeal: We set off as soon as you're ready.
Aerith: How pretty.
Zack: My face?
Aerith: Your eyes.
Reno: The Turks'll take care of Sector 8.
Shizune: Well Tseng, Zack, see you later.
Zack: Are you Angeal's mom?
Angeal's Mom: Could you be Zack? The young pup?
Zack: Working together again, eh? Let's make it a good one!
Cloud: Yeah!
Sephiroth: Genesis.
Zack: The SOLDIER that deserted? They look the same!?
Sephiroth: Genesis copies...?
Zack: Anything from Angeal?
Lazard: He dosen't seem to have made contact with his family home.
Zack: The deserter Genesis has gotten his best friend Angeal on his side... is that what you mean?
Zack: What have you done!?

No hago la traducción al español porque no sé que tan confiable sea la traducción al inglés ya que solo apareció en YouTube.

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